WhAt iF YoU CouLd LiVe iT FuLLY, LiVe it NoW?

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night wondering how fast your life was racing past while you were busy functioning?

Whether you have or you haven't: Life is now. Every single little moment. Why not enjoy it?


Here's my theory: We can design our life in the most beautiful colours our heart can imagine. The ready-made boxes that are offered out there might be comfortable, but they're usually just not the right size, colour and shape.


That is not to say designing one's own life is or will be easy. Taking that path is a one-way road. Once you've tasted that freedom, there is no way back. I am on this road. I have no idea yet where it will lead me, but I invite you to join along by reading these pages. Sing a happy song while you're at it, if you please!


And yourself? Are you designing your life yet?

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